NEW!! 2013 Vintage Reproduction KOM-28

NEW!! Peter Rowan performs with his new Konkoly 000-28 12 fret.

Konkoly Guitars and Peter Rowan join forces!! Click here...

“Joe Konkoly took a 1934 Martin C-2, replaced the damaged archtop with a new select Adirondack Red Spruce flattop, and handed me a one of a kind guitar I will play for the rest of my life.” --- Jeff Daniels

Welcome! At Konkoly Guitars I produce my own interpretation of classic steel string guitar designs. Using the highest quality materials and painstaking handwork, I strive to combine the classic feel and sound of pre-war flattops with modern refinements to enhance playability and long term maintenance. Each instrument is individually voiced and tap tuned for optimum tone and volume. Custom features such as neck dimensions, neck shape, binding/purfling choices, and inlays can be crafted for the individual player.

Joe Konkoly

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