I offer two different Build Types, the Standard and the Vintage Reproduction.  The Standard is my take on the classic steel string designs of the 1920's, '30's and '40's with modern refinements to enhance tone, playability and long term maintenance.  The Vintage Reproduction is for folks that require more authentic period correct elements to capture the look, tone and feel of the real thing.

Comparison, Vintage Reproduction vs. Standard

Vintage Standard

Hide glue
Domed lower bout to flat side profile
Non- adj. truss rod (ebony  or Graphite t-bar)
Bar frets
Vintage style brace profiles
Cloth X brace patch
Full width end block w/maple strip on outside
Ivory nut/saddle
Long through bridge saddle slot with vintage style glued in saddle
Vintage style un-slotted bridge pins

Luthiers Merc. instr. Glue
30' radius top dome

Adj. truss rod

T frets
Modern brace profiles
Spruce overlay @ X brace joint
End block w/abbreviated joint @ top/back and inlaid maple strip
Bone nut/saddle
Modern short saddle with closed end slot

Modern slotted pins

Features from either series can be used on any guitar, like hide glue construction on a Standard series guitar or an adjustable truss rod on a Vintage series guitar. 

Top Dome Details

The term flat-top guitar is a bit of a misnomer. Many steel-string guitars (like their classical counter parts) are built with slight dome to the top to add stiffness without extra mass and increase the load bearing compacity of the plate. This is accomplished by milling a radius into the braces and gluing them to the top using a work board with the same radius.

All Standard Series guitars employ a 30' radius built into the top. The sides are prepared with the same radius to accept the top, maintaining that radius throughout. This makes for some boost in the mid-range, better overall balance and a more responsive instrument.

All Vintage Reproduction Series instruments are built with a domed lower bout based on the 30' radius which transitions to flat edge and also transitions to a flat profile in the upper bout beginning at the soundhole. The sides are also prepared with a flat profile. This makes for a more traditional sound with an slightly enhanced bass response.


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