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"If I could only have one guitar for a lifetime, this would be it. It captures the tone that I've always heard in my head. A great OM will have a warm, vibrant bass & sparkling trebles. It also happens to be the most responsive of any guitar I've owned, and I've bought and sold several upper tier guitars over the years. Having the privilege to live close to Artisan Guitars & Gruhn Guitars, I have been able to sample a wide range of acoustics both old & new. I would put the KOM-28 up against anything. There is nothing tight sounding about this guitar in my opinion and a rare trait to find in a new guitar. Joe is able to capture the best qualities of the old OMs and then some. I couldn't be more pleased obviously. During the build process, Joe answered all of my questions in a very timely manner, and I had true confidence through the entire build that I was going to come out with something that I wouldn't just be reselling for something better on down the road. It doesn't get any better than this for me. It is also very versatile being a great flatpicking guitar and strummer. Finally, I would say that the neck shape is the most perfect neck I've ever held and the most comfortable to play with a perfect setup with bar frets. It is actually easier to play on the fretting hand and requires very little effort to get beautiful tone out of the box. If I had it to do all over again, I would have done nothing different. Thanks Joe for helping me realize a dream I've had for sometime, and I wouldn't hesitate ordering another guitar from you in the future."

David Liggett

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I got the guitar today.  It's beautifully made and sounds terrific.  It's very loud, lots of headroom, but responds well to finger-picking with bare fingers.  The action is very comfortable too, about as low as I like it.  The neck profile seems pretty close to that of a OM-28V, which is comfortable for me.  Overall, I think that I got an outstanding deal.  You're clearly a first class builder.  Your OM sounds crisp, bright and bold to my ears, but still very well balanced.  It has more of the strong bass response hat I have heard in a couple of the old Martins that I have played.  Thanks very much for being so professional, and for making such a great guitar.

Best Wishes,

Tim O'Neill, KOM-28

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 I tell everyone who sees it and is knocked out by the sound of it about how it used to be an archtop,  and what a top-notch luthier you are, how the new top is so cleverly parabolically arched  -  so it's even BETTER than a Martin, how special the adirondack spruce is, etc. etc.   -   it's become my favorite story, even better than the one about the time I fell off of a mountain in Colorado and still lived to tell the tale........

I just mostly wanted you to know that people are just floored by the SOUND of the guitar. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the great work you put into this project,  and wish you and yours all the best of this holiday season and the coming new year.......
You're a good man, Joe Konkoly......

As always, Best Regards,
Michael Phillips, 000-28 Conversion

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I don’t mean to heap lavish praise you on, but … I’m really enjoying playing my KD-28 Brazilian. It plays and sounds great!  There’s a lot of separation in the notes, with a nice balance of highs and lows, and the overtones sound rich and complex.  But the thing that has surprised me the most (and which I’m most pleased about) is how well it responds to finger-picking, which is the way I play roughly half of the time.

Hope all is well.

Greg Melvin, KD-28

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I wanted to give a "one week later" report card to let you know that I'm absolutely in love with the KD-28 brazilian.  It is by far the best-sounding (and playing) acoustic I have.  I'm very happy with it!  You don't need to respond.  I just wanted you to know how much I love it.

Take care,
Greg Melvin, KD-28

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Thanks for reminding me to write to you. The O-18 sounds and looks fabulous and it has more presence than the 1954 O-18 with a sitka top. Not bad for a newly topped guitar. My sister is really happy with it!  Thank you for your hard work.

Pat Longmire, 0-18 Conversion

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Just wanted to let you know I have put away all my other guitars except for yours.  I just love the sound and the looks of your guitar.
Everyone that has seen it, can't get over how nice it is.

John Coffey, KD-18 sunburst

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I love my guitar.  Wow!  Congratulations. If I can help you in any way, it would be an honor. I am glad to endorse your guitars in any way. I dig them and you.

Bob Lucas, KD-18

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