The Vintage Reproduction Series / K000-45

Konkoly Guitars is proud to introduce the Vintage Reproduction Series.

These guitars feature period correct elements that more accurately capture the look, feel, and tone of classic flat-top designs of the 1920's and'30's.  Standard features include bar frets/non-adjustable neck re-inforcement , hide glue construction, and  Adirondack spruce top with vintage top dome (which is flat top edge side profile with domed lower bout of 30' radius with a transition to flat edge). 

Other vintage details include cloth side and X brace reinforcement , maple end block reinforcement strip on mahogany block, full width end block, and vintage style brace profiles. 

View more of the K000-45 in the GALLERY.

Styles Prices
Style 18/21
Style 28   
Style 42
Style 45 

Options: Add $2500 for Grade  AA Brazilian Rosewood on Style 28.  Grade AA Brazilian Rosewood is included in the price of Style 42 and 45.  Other grades of Brazilian Rosewood are available up to Grade AAAA at a cost $5000.

Preferred Models – KOM-18A
                                    KOM-28A Braz.
                                    K000-28A Braz.

Comparison, Vintage Reproduction vs. Standard

Vintage Standard

Hide glue
Domed lower bout to flat side profile - photo #4
Non- adj. truss rod (ebony  or Graphite t-bar) - photo #3
Bar frets
Vintage style brace profiles -
photo #2
Cloth X brace patch
Full width end block w/maple strip on outside

Ivory nut/saddle
Long through bridge saddle slot with vintage style glued in saddle
Vintage style un-slotted bridge pins

Luthiers Merc. instr. Glue
30' radius top dome

Adj. truss rod

T frets
Modern brace profiles

Spruce overlay @ X brace joint
End block w/abbreviated joint @ top/back and inlaid maple strip ( photo #1)
Bone nut/saddle
Modern short saddle with closed end slot

Modern slotted pins

Features from either series can used any guitar, like hide glue construction on a Standard series guitar or an adjustable truss rod on a Vintage series guitar.  A popular modern/vintage combination choice is a  Modern series guitar with hide glue construction.  Additional cost would be $500.

#1 -End block w/abbreviated joint @ top/back and inlaid maple strip
#2 -Vintage brace profile
#3 -Non-adjustable truss rod (ebony or Graphite t-bar)
#4 - Domed lower bout to 30' radius top dome flat side profile


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